Personalized Learning

Standards Based Learning

In a legacy model the emphasis is on whole group instruction where performance is frequently measured by a test. Even if a student achieves a passing grade, it doesn’t ensure they have learned all the content.  The class moves on as a group regardless of  learning gaps that exist from student to student.

Standards-based learning focuses on measuring students’ progress of learning on a specific set of standards. These standards are shared with students at the outset of the course, and are broken down into specific learning targets that lay out the path to learning the standard. Students are able to clearly identify “where they are” in their progress to mastering a standard. A  rubric explains specific levels of mastery.

A student’s progress toward proficiency is tracked by performance on learning targets that align to the standard. Student ownership of their learning is encouraged and allows the teacher to provide tailored feedback to the student. In addition to regular assessment tools, teachers frequently conference with individual students and observe them in a variety of learning experiences.   


Grades are not going away. Eastern Carver County Schools is focused on student post secondary success and recognizes the value and need for a student to earn a grade and a grade point average.  A task force inclusive of parents, students and staff has been identified and will meet the remainder of this academic year. They will make recommendations to the school board for how to align standards based learning within traditional grading practices and include a timeline and process for implementation.


Just as they have in the past, transcripts will continue to report grades for courses and grade point average.

Standards Based Learning Scoring Rubric

Approaching Standard Meets Standard
at a Basic Level
Meets Standard Extends Standard
Learner is in progress towards meeting the Power Standard. Learner has demonstrated the basic knowledge and skills of the Power Standard. Learner has demonstrated the complex knowledge and skills of the Power Standard. Learner has demonstrated extension beyond the complex knowledge and skills of the Power Standard.


  • How is student progress tracked and assessed?
  • In what ways do students receive feedback?
  • How does grading change with personalized learning?
  • ¿Cómo ha cambiado la manera de calificar a los estudiantes debido al aprendizaje personalizado?
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